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In 2020 ACES rodents North Shore attended Bobby Corrigans talk on rodents virtually. As was typical of Bobby's talks its was sold by Professional Pest control companies.

Dr Corrigan is  highly recommended and considered the world leading authority on Urban rodents. ACES rodents use lessons learned from Bobby's Rodent Academy  when working in Auckland's North Shore Rat exterminating

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Corrigan stated that there has been an increase in urban rodents  pest problems on a global scale, in homes and businesses as well.  ACES rodents Auckland pest control services has also seen an increase in rat numbers too.  In the wake of this increase, we need to do everything they can to provide control methods , starting with understanding the fundamentals of rodent biology.

Rats are a threat 24 hours- seven days a week!  Make no mistake about it, it is biology first and business second, said Corrigan. We’re dealing with live animals. All of our pests cockroaches, bed bugs and so forth they’re complex animals.

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Working in New York City, Corrigan sees his fair share of rat and mice activity. Whether it is down in the subway or in between alleyways on the street, Corrigan uses his knowledge of rodent behavior to locate where they are hiding and the best places to place baits and traps. Baits and traps can be expensive, ACES rodent is always of pest control auckland prices.

“There’s a whole world of these guys down there. It could be rats. It could be mice. It could be roof rats, he said. It’s their world, but we have to go looking for them.  Pest control North Shore NZ  has a lot of calls for Roof rats, it's one of our most common calls.    We have to be observant, and we have to consider what are their needs and where are they going to be? And where do they like to run with their food sources?”

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From noticing the amount of litter on the street to the patterns of urine decorating the sidewalk, there are obvious signs of rodent activity that can be useful for setting up a control plan if one knows where to look. While conducting Pest control auckland nz, ACES rodents always starts with an inspection before doing any work. 

“If we think like rats and mice — and by the way, of course, they do think — we’re going to be better at our jobs. You are going to be more effective.  We’re going to be safe to the environment. We’re going to be humane,” Corrigan said. “All of those things are possible. But we have to do this by engaging with the rodents first.”

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Corrigan focused on the behaviors of the three primary rodents that you  are likely to encounter: the house mouse, the brown rat (Norway rat) and the black rat (roof rat). Thinking like these rodents when on the job, Corrigan has developed tips on how to provide the best control services for each rodent pest.

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When the subject of Ultra sonic rat repelling devices came up, Bobby asked for someone to publish some evidence that they work, or they don't work. Because he mentioned,  "at the moment, there's nothing. "

















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Rats the Ultimate Survivors

September 23, 2021

What makes rats such resilient rodents? They have a long list of impressive characteristics that have allowed them to survive for so long.

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Dr Corrigan at the 2020 virtual conference , cited good science, saying the house mouse is one of the most common rodents in the world and is the second most successful mammal on earth.

“Biologically speaking, many people think they’re just animals that act by instinct,” Corrigan said. “That’s completely not true. These animals think, they plan. They learn from mistakes. They’re incredibly adaptive to many different situations.”

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It was recognizing the intelligent mind of the house mouse that led to Corrigan always asking the same first question when working a mouse control job. “When I go looking for mice inside schools and office buildings and restaurants and houses, the first question that comes to my mind is, ‘Where is the warmth in this building?’”

Throughout his years of experience in the field, Corrigan learned that house mice love warmth, and their intelligent survival instincts mean they often seek a warm place to live and reproduce before they begin the hunt for food.

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So instead of looking for mouse droppings or small, tight places first, you  should think like a mouse and search for the warm place first. Typically this is the hot water cylinder or fridge motor. Warm areas are where a infestation of mice are likely to inhabit first. Finding these areas helps you  to find and control the mice quickly and effectively.

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How does ACES | Rodents get rid of my rats?

In 2016 ACES pest control attended the NPMA conference in Seattle USA and completed Dr Bobby Corrigan's  course RODENT Academy .

Dr Corrigan is leading expert in the USA ( maybe the world too)  for urban rodent pest control. The course was standing room only!

Dr Corrigans method of rodent control starts with inspection. Inspection is the corner stone of the pest control industry.

Once an inspection is completed your rodents can be safely and effectively controlled.

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Business managers know that Rodents means the loss of valuable stock and possible business disruption. Businesses with warehouses need a plan to keep rodents from disrupting their business. With the correct plan in place, rodents ever get the chance to get established and disrupt your business.

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