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Bobby Corrigan Discusses the Future of Remote Monitoring with ‘Talking Pest Management’

In a two-part video interview, Corrigan discusses how using remote sensors in combination with skillful pest professionals is reshaping rodent management.

June 18, 2021

BORCHEN, Germany In two wide-ranging interviews undertaken as part of the Talking Pest Management series, Dr. Bobby Corrigan of RMC Pest Management Consulting, discussed how clients are increasingly requesting preventative pest management with TPM host, Daniel Schröer. Monitoring activities, not only of the pest but also the technician, are fundamental building blocks of prevention and also integrated pest management (IPM).

Corrigan said,   Remote sensors can hold us accountable. They provide monitoring with data, with assurance and with 24/7 surveillance. There’s no better way to monitor than with correctly installed remote sensors in combination with skillfull pest professionals  a total no brainer.

And from these sensors comes data. Corrigan points out that the new, young generation is data driven   charts and graphs on your computer dashboard. Dashboards are the thing everyone now calls for   they provide a means of guiding and assessing progress. Data driven pest control service is the future.

As for the domestic market, are home owners going to buy remote monitors off Amazon and then only call in an ‘Uber type pest service’ when deemed necessary?

“Uber totally shocked the taxi world and the same could happen in pest control. Whoever undertakes this Uber pest control will be big. They will be ahead of the rest in prevention, talents, training, insight, inspections, being observational biologists and the like. They will carve out a niche. Smart digital technology enables this,” Corrigan said.

Corrigan explains how surprised he has been that remote monitoring has been relatively so slow to be adopted. Had COVID not interfered, he predicted that last year 70% of his consulting hours would have been spent on remote monitoring and its application. I had clients ranging from city governments through to giant corporations keen to switch. But COVID squashed all this  it has slowed the uptake.

However, as Corrigan explains, there is a silver lining, as everyone is now virus conscious. The public is more aware of the relationship between micro-organisms and pests. Schröer sums this up, stating the aim must be: “An increase in sensitivity and a decrease in tolerance to pests.

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