pest control auckland rats VLOG 1st May 2020

ACES pest control Director Owen Stobart is picking that Auckland will see a lot of rats this year 2020 due to two main factors

Besides the fact we have come off another long summer, which means there  are high numbers like 2019, two other factors are making this year even worse than prior.

(i) the Lockdown. Has meant that rats in general have had a month left to their own devices.4-5 weeks is about one breeding cycle. So given they produce around 6 pups a litter,  
that's potentially up to 5 times more rats than 2019! "Rat-nami" all over again!

(ii) the drought. Water is short not for humans but rodents are feeling it too. When the rats around a dam or stream find its dry as a bone,  where do they go? Yup you guessed it,  your place!

And we are seeing high activity for rodents with our stations being cleaned out completely 

All that is needed is some cold snaps in May and you guessed it,  you could be having some uninvited guests, of the fury type coming to your place!