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Rat extermination west auckland

Sep 19, 2018
smart rats

Rat extermination west auckland Rats get a bad rap Yes, okay, they’re unkillable, disease-ridden fleabags who occasionally, uh, eat people alive. But they’re also intelligent, highly empathetic and surprisingly relatable little critters who probably enjoyed Ratatouille just as much as you did. And now, one murine resident of Washington DC has shown they can be safety-conscious members of the community as well. Last summer, a condo building in the District was evacuated after a fire alarm sounded. But, strangely, there was no fire  so what happened? A glitch? A noisy consequence of the ongoing climate apocalypse? No  it was a rat. Caught red-pawed on security footage, the little guy literally jumped onto the alarm from a nearby handrail and pulled it down, setting off the siren. It is, however, unknown at this point whether the rat was pulling a prank or simply being overcautious. Washington DC has a long history …

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Rat control west auckland

Sep 2, 2018

Rat extermination central auckland Imagine an initial population of two rats growing to more than 482 million in just 36 months, particularly in a large city such as London or New York. How is such a scenario possible? Consider the following: If a rat’s gestation period is 21 to 23 days, the size of a typical litter is five to 10 rat pups, and a rat’s birth cycle is three to six litters in a lifetime, than two rats today could quickly turn into 10 rats in just three months. Extending that same calculation, after one year, those two rats could potentially increase to 1,248 rodents. In 15 months there could be 6,232 rats, and so on, until after three years, nearly a half billion rats could be produced, resulting in a massive rodent problem. According to a visually powerful marketing campaign developed by the global pest management company, XXXX, …

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Mice Carry Rare and Dangerous Diseases

Apr 17, 2018
mouse control north shore

West Auckland rat removal Just this week ACES pest control was speaking to a customer whos family had unknowingly been made ill by rodents. ACES pest control has run into this issue a number of times where rodents make people unwell. It use to be that mice didnt carry serious diseases, but that has changed now. If you have rodents near you they need to be controlled or  they will make you and your family ill.  New York City house mice, the kind probably nibbling away in the pantry, are leaving behind more than an unwelcome mess. Big Apple mice carry a wide assortment of bacteria and viruses that can cause maladies ranging from mild to life-threatening in humans, according to research published Tuesday. Researchers from the Center for Infection and Immunity at Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health in New York gathered 416 mice from seven different sites …

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HUMANE and effective treatment for rats….

Apr 6, 2018
new york rat pest control

rat eradication albany auckland ACES pest control has used this method once for treating rats and it was 100% successful.  Not all rat jobs are suitable, but for some it offers a HUMANE control of rats. Also there is no residual  toxins to non target animals and the environment!  The CO2 – dry ice changes into a gas and as its heavier than air it sinks down into the borrows and put the rats to sleep without any suffering! The city is ramping up its use of dry ice to plug rat burrows in parks. The ice fills their underground homes with carbon dioxide, suffocating the rats which often sleep during the day. It’s quicker, more humane and environmentally friendly than traditional rodenticide, which has felled hawks who sometimes snack on the poisoned critters. This is one weapon in what we do to fight rats in New York City,said Rick …

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“Ratpocalypse” pest control issues with rats

Sep 10, 2017
rat pest control auckland

rat pest control east coast bays auckland Milder winters allow rats to have more litters, and their population explosion could help spread diseases such as E. coli and bubonic plague. Is America on the verge of a ratpocalypse? Experts and officials are documenting growing numbers of rats across the United States, a trend that shows no signs of slowing down. However, rats are notoriously difficult to study. The exact number of rat populations is unclear. In New York, for example, estimates range from 250,000 on the low end up to tens of millions. The only thing certain is the numbers are growing. In July, New York Mayor, Bill de Blasio, pledged $32 million to combat the rodents. The city wants more rat corpses, he announced. New York may be the most prominent city in the United States to tackle its highly visible rat problem, but it certainly isn’t the only …

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Mice control DIY tips

Aug 17, 2017
house mouse extermination

pest control auckland mice HOUSE mice can be a nightmare for home owners who find them in their property. Do you know how to get rid of mice? What does a mouse eat? How do you trap them and what traps should you use? Do you know how to spot droppings? House mice invade you home and eat your food, making it dirty and unpleasant to live in. However, do you know how to spot mice and how to get rid of them? There are various signs of mice to look out for. The first and most obvious sign is droppings. Mice should leave around 50 to 80 droppings per night. How to spot mice droppings Rentokill describes mouse droppings as being around three to eight inches in length. Mice do not defecate in corners or in a pattern like some animals, so you can expect to find them scattered …

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Jack- the awesome pest controller!!!!!

Aug 9, 2017

rat fumigation ponsonby auckland ACES pest control once had the help of a customers dog, a terrier finding rats. Jenny told ACES her dog knows were the rats are. We did our inspection and an hour later, YES you guessed it Jennys dog was 100% correct! Some dogs are awesome pest controllers! “Jack, the rat terrier, gets ready for work. His hearing is so acute he can hear the sound of a rat’s heart beating. Yoram Adler can’t imagine a better work colleague. Jack is always up, always ready to take on a tough job, and always ready to kill. “My daughter didn’t want me to tell you this, but he’s killed 36 rats and 11 mice. And two squirrels, by mistake,” said Adler. At a mere 10 kilograms, the six-year-old rat terrier doesn’t look lethal. On the contrary, he exudes the happy agreeability of a puppy. As for the …

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Mice are an old pest control issue!

Apr 25, 2017

Mice pest control grey lynn auckland If you ever get a house, eventually you get a mouse or so Ogden Nash once wrote. And science seems to be catching up with poetry. The standard thinking until now has been that the house mouse, Mus musculus, only began its intimate relationship with humans at the dawn of agriculture, roughly 11,500 years ago. In effect, you had to have a farm, not just a house, before mice moved in to raid the stored grain.It turns out, however, that the house alone. A hut even was enough to do the trick, according to a new study published Monday in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. M. musculus began to hang around with humans, the study’s authors wrote, at least 15,000 years ago, during the so-called Natufian era in the Middle East, when late-stage hunter-gatherers were just beginning to adopt a more settled …

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Rats and housing issues

Mar 5, 2017

mouse extermination takpauna auckland ACES pest control is often asked to work with either the tenant or the landlord on the issue of rodent control. ACES provides online payment meaning the landlord doesnt have to be present to make payment at the appointment date.  Tenant with rats in walls can’t afford to move A woman living in a Wellington flat with rats in the walls says the Prime Minister’s view that soaring rental prices are a sign of “success” is stupid and ridiculous. A social housing provider said the shortage in the capital was the worst it had been. Yet Prime Minister Bill English remains steadfast that there is no housing crisis. Rental prices shot up 7 percent last year in Wellington to a median of $480 a week. At the same time, the number of properties available for rent plunged. Wellington’s prices are just shy of Auckland’s. When asked …

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Rat exterminator Henderson wasp control murrays bay

Nov 12, 2016

Brazen rats ruin riverside picnics   Rats down by the Waikato River are being kept well fed by people enjoying a leisurely bite to eat and leaving their scraps behind. A mischief of rats is going rogue in the city. With the promise of an easy feed from an abundance of rubbish bin leftovers, the natural flight response of Hamilton’s riverside rats is being dulled. The brazen little beggars at Hamilton’s Swarbrick’s Landing are out in broad daylight and have even taken to beckoning for scraps, standing upright on their hind legs while park users dip into their hot chips. It’s odd behaviour. Rats are fearful creatures and largely nocturnal but Landcare Research wildlife ecologist John Innes said they are adapting. “Swarbrick’s Landing is used for a lot of picnicking and people are leaving a lot of food around and Norway rats, the species people are seeing in the daytime, they …

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